For many years, Della Toffola Group has been appreciated for the breadth of its range of reliable solutions, covering everything anyone could possibly need to create or complete awinery anywhere in the world.

The success of the technologies offered by the company is particularly evident on the US market, where there have recently been sizeable increases in the sales of its larger systems. The most important winemaking groups in California (all achieving a worldwide diffusion of their products) have recently renewed their trust in the technologies made by Della Toffola.

In fact the last few years have seen the installation of as many as eight flotation systems, each with a capacity of 600 hl/h, and another two will be arriving in 2013. In addition to the three 300 hl/h systems already installed, another two will be added during the course of this year.
The list of references continues with the prestigious crossflow filters with ceramic membranes, that are now operating  successfully in a great variety of models, from 30 to 680 m2 of filtering surface area.
Then there are the six PEC 480 presses, as well as numerous requests for the installation of other new Della Toffola systems in California’s Central Valley.