High-solids crossflow filters

At Winetech-Australia the spotlight is still on the new high-solids crossflow filters.

There is a growing interest in lees separating filters and companies are paying more and more attention to this issue, especially when the product to be processed is of high value.

Visitors to the Winetech trade fair that has just come to an end in Sydney have been focusing on this matter and been keen to see the new Della Toffola CFKF filters, which guarantee an exceptional recovery rate: they are the only filters to achieve a final concentration of more than 90%.
This recovery rate is unequalled in the processing of lees from grape must, cider and other beverages.

In the particular case of wine-making, the lees can be filtered after completing the fermenting process, and before or after clarifying the wine.


is becoming increasingly popular in California too

For many years now, Della Toffola’s Thermocooler system has been well known all over the world for its practicality and efficacy. Numerous systems have been operating successfully in Australia, South Africa, South America, China, France and Italy.
Recent additions have been made to the traditional models with a capacity of up to 30 tons/hour, and there are now versions suitable for medium-sized wineries too, so that they can exploit the excellent performance of these winemaking methods.

The Flash Wine Technologies company has been promoting this technology in California’s Sonoma Valley, offering wineries the opportunity to test  these Thermocooler systems at their own wineries. As Flash Wine Technologies manager Rudy Zuidema put it, “the results have been highly satisfactory, as demonstrated by the numerous wineries that have been experimenting with this method. The wines they obtained have reached particularly high quality levels, promoting the Della Toffola Thermocooler system with top marks and its role among the winemaking methods of the future.»

What’s more, Barry Gnekow — one of the most famous pioneers of modern winemaking technology — has chosen two Della Toffola systems and used them with excellent results at the wineries of his Carneros Vintners Group.


For the future of winemaking

The new VinLink plant at the Riverlands Industrial Estate, to the south of Blenheim in New Zealand, will be operational in time for the 2013 grape harvest. VinLink is thus confirmed as one of the greatest winemaking businesses in and around Marlborough, one of New Zealand’s main winemaking areas.

Della Toffola has supplied the whole grape crushing and pressing system comprising six collection tanks, three NDC 100 crushers, 3 PEC 200 and 3 PEC 240 presses, as well as a complete refrigeration system for the wine’s thermocooling treatment.
This is a very large-scale plant with an initial production capacity of 100 tons of grapes per hour, designed to cope with the whole of the predicted grape harvest in 2013, which is estimated at 13,000 tons.
This is a great result for Della Toffola: the company has worked alongside VinLink at every stage of design and construction, also with a view to a subsequent expansion of the plant (already planned) that will increase its production capacity to 3,000 tons a day.


USA, un mercato in continua espansione

For many years, Della Toffola Group has been appreciated for the breadth of its range of reliable solutions, covering everything anyone could possibly need to create or complete awinery anywhere in the world.

The success of the technologies offered by the company is particularly evident on the US market, where there have recently been sizeable increases in the sales of its larger systems. The most important winemaking groups in California (all achieving a worldwide diffusion of their products) have recently renewed their trust in the technologies made by Della Toffola.

In fact the last few years have seen the installation of as many as eight flotation systems, each with a capacity of 600 hl/h, and another two will be arriving in 2013. In addition to the three 300 hl/h systems already installed, another two will be added during the course of this year.
The list of references continues with the prestigious crossflow filters with ceramic membranes, that are now operating  successfully in a great variety of models, from 30 to 680 m2 of filtering surface area.
Then there are the six PEC 480 presses, as well as numerous requests for the installation of other new Della Toffola systems in California’s Central Valley.


An ongoing success story

Zonin, one of the world’s household names in the wine sector, was established in 1821 in Gambellara, a town in the Veneto region famous for its sparkling white wines.

The Sirio Aliberti — Della Toffola Group boasts more than 55 years of manufacturing technologies for the winemaking industry and its prestige has recently been confirmed by theZonin wineries’ order for 10 pressure tanks, each  with a capacity of 600 hl, for their winemaking plant in Gambellara.

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