For many years now, Della Toffola’s Thermocooler system has been well known all over the world for its practicality and efficacy. Numerous systems have been operating successfully in Australia, South Africa, South America, China, France and Italy.
Recent additions have been made to the traditional models with a capacity of up to 30 tons/hour, and there are now versions suitable for medium-sized wineries too, so that they can exploit the excellent performance of these winemaking methods.

The Flash Wine Technologies company has been promoting this technology in California’s Sonoma Valley, offering wineries the opportunity to test  these Thermocooler systems at their own wineries. As Flash Wine Technologies manager Rudy Zuidema put it, “the results have been highly satisfactory, as demonstrated by the numerous wineries that have been experimenting with this method. The wines they obtained have reached particularly high quality levels, promoting the Della Toffola Thermocooler system with top marks and its role among the winemaking methods of the future.»

What’s more, Barry Gnekow — one of the most famous pioneers of modern winemaking technology — has chosen two Della Toffola systems and used them with excellent results at the wineries of his Carneros Vintners Group.